"BAYE" featuring Chris Crain

                    written by: Delvyn Crawford

"author, speaker, responsible family fatherhood life coach"


ilwaukee City in Crisis THE EP, was written and performed by Delvyn Crawford of Gutter Enterprises LLC.  Delvyn was compelled to write this album after hearing a FREE CD in a local barber shop in Milwaukee that glorified pimping women, human trafficking, drugs, and violence.  People were able to retrieve the CD for free; in which many youngsters took because of the attractive graphics and artwork.  As Delvyn placed the CD in his labtop, awaiting to get his haircut, he couldn't help but notice the obscene, negative messages being portrayed in the free CD.  Disheartened by what he heard, he was inspired to create a FREE CD to give away that promoted positive messages, and exposed the corruption being witnessed within his community.

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