• Father's and Families Coalition of America - Workshop Presenter
  • Healthy Marriage & Responsible Fatherhood - Keynote Speaker 
  • Children's Institute of Los Angeles - Workshop Presenter
  • Marquette University - Keynote Speaker
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Keynote Speaker
  • Concordia University-Spoken Word Presenter
  • House of Corrections -Workshop Presenter
  • Franciscan Life Center- Music Performance
  • Milwaukee Public Schools- Workshop Presenter
  • Black Health Coalition of WI, Inc. - AIDS Awareness Keynote Speaker
  • The Alma Center - Spoken Word & Presentation
  • Juneteenth Day Celebration - Music Performance
  • Johnson Controls - Keynote Speaker
  • Guest House of Milwaukee - Keynote Speaker
  • Gingerbread Land Inc. - Keynote Speaker
  • Urban Ecology Center - Workshop Presenter
  • Wisconsin Dept. of Children & Families - Commissioner 

Delvyn utilizes powerful, profound messages through music, media, and public speaking to convey his message of hope.  Since establishing the company, he has been regarded as a renowned speaker for the community, and has been commissioned to speak in numerous places across the United States.  A spokesman for the United Way, Delvyn has delivered presentations at Marquette University, Johnson's Control, BMO Harris Bank, and other organizations.​​  As an author and poet, Delvyn has a natural ability for storytelling, and is able to create poems that address everything from childhood trauma, to the love between a man and a woman.  A true performer, he stands out in live performances and holds the attention of every crowd he performs in front of.

"author, speaker, responsible family fatherhood life coach"

Delvyn Crawford is a Responsible Family Fatherhood Life Coach, entrepreneur, and author of the novel "Out the Gutter.  His inspiration came about when he realized how many people were oppressed from the negative experiences that they've encountered from their past.  He is the father of 3, and has been married to his lovely wife Nadja for 16 years. 

Delvyn's name means "Friend from the Valley",in which he was unfamiliar with until  his best friend contacted him in order to reveal what his name meant.  Consequently, Delvyn founded Gutter Enterprises to encourage people to not to let their past dictate the outcome of their future.  The company's motto was built in helping people get out of the gutter, and inform them that despite what they've been through, that they are valuable and have a purpose to fulfill in life.


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